Borders redesign in Ludwell

The brief from the client was to completely redesign a series of borders to provide a better sense of cohesion. The borders had been planted with many different types of shrubs and perennials which were all taken out to create a blank canvass for the new planting.

For the main border a range of evergreen and sun loving shrubs were planted to create a framework. These included choisya ternata, abelia grandiflora, hebes and cistus. Sedum, nepeta and erigeron karvanskianos were used for a frothy front edging and salvias, penstemons and tall foxgloves completed the design.

The raised border in front of the patio just had two roses planted with annuals used for seasonal interest. My plan was to create a border with colour and scent with all year round interest.

The existing roses were moved to either side of the border to create room for a hydrangea paniculata. The front was edged with a combination of alchemilla mollis and geranium, heucheras were used in the middle and white campanulas and red lupins provided structure at the back.