Prairie style border re-design in Wiltshire

Before new planting

The brief from the client was to re-design the border in the ‘Prairie’ style with grasses and other similar plants whilst keeping the existing dogwoods and the yew cone at the end of the border.

Border newly planted






I chose three different grasses to plant in drifts throughout the border accompanied by Sanguisorba officianalis which has small dark red button like flowers above elegant leaves.  Sesleria autumnalis (moor grass)  is a bright green evergreen grass with silver grey flower spikes in the summer and was perfect for helping to define the edge of the border.

Six months later

Deschampsia cespitosa ‘Goldtau’ is also evergreen with silvery, reddish-brown flower spikes appearing from early to late summer above dense mounds of slender, arching, mid-green leaves. The feathery flowers mature to a soft golden yellow and shimmer like a golden cloud as it catches the light and looked wonderful planted in front of the dogwoods.  Finally Molinia caerulea ‘Moorhexe’ was planted in drifts through the centre of the border.  With narrow, grey-green leaves that turn russet-red in autumn, this grass has a profusion of soft purple flowers which contrasted beautifully with the dark burgundy red of the Sanguisorba.