Garden design

Garden DesignConsultation: The design process starts with a full brief of your needs including what you like and dislike, what plants and styles you prefer and also what features should be included such as paths, patios, fencing, pergolas, water, lighting…etc. I shall probably take photos of the garden and also review the house and garden style and make informal suggestions as to how the garden might be improved. This stage is very important as it provides me with the foundation for the final design. Following the consultation I shall summarise the brief in a letter which will include how much it will cost.

Survey: I will survey your garden to collect all the physical information such as location of paths, existing trees and borders and the relationship of the garden to the house and its surroundings. I’ll also note the garden’s aspects, views. I may also take a soil sample and may take photographs.

Outline plan: The information from the initial consultation and survey will enable me to produce an outline plan which will show how the new garden will look. At this stage we can make changes and amendments to ensure that you are happy with the concept and how the garden will look.

Final plan: This is the agreed final plan that contractors will work from if there is any hard landscaping to undertake such as paths, walls, patios…etc.

Planting plan: This will show the location, type and number of all the plants I have chosen and will also include a plant list. I will then source the plants and then plant out the new borders to the agreed plan.