Front border redesign in Tisbury, Wiltshire

The two front borders had poor soil with lots of stone and faced south so were in the sun for most of the time with a tendency to dry out and the area was also quite exposed to the winds.

Borders before redesign






The answer was Mediterranean planting!  I kept the existing rock roses and some of the existing lavender which was doing so well that it was overwhelming the area and replaced it with a mixture of sun loving hardy perennials.   Origanum ‘Rosenkuppel’ – great for bees and lovely pink/purple flowers through the summer,  Sedum ‘Purple Emperor’ – beautiful purple fleshy leaves with dark red flowers which are again a bee magnet,  Lychnis coronaria (Rose Campion) – elegant tall grey leaves topped with brilliant pink flowers,  Gaura lindheimeri – wafting stems topped with white/pink flowers and finally Erigeron karvanskianos – pretty tiny daisies cascading over the edge of the border from June through to Autumn.

Borders after redesign